4-Technology play a very core role in the process of being able to implement projects. Further, through technology, projects can be sustained and maintained so that they are able to be achieved. Through the use of technology, implementation is easier and also more effective. Therefore, one has to look for the best form of technology that can help in the implementation or supporting the project to ensure that the implementation goes as smoothly as possible (Powell-Cope, Nelson, Patterson, 2008). The project that I will be handling looks to establish whether the involvement of healthcare facilities in nursing education can be able to help reduce the shortage of nurses that the country is facing currently. Technology in this project can be used in monitoring whether the involvement of healthcare facilities in nursing education will help to reduce the shortage of nurses in the country.

The best technology to use in the monitoring of the progress of this project is through use of data collection from every facility and the action they are making and the number of nurses it helps to bring to the workforce. The actions that facilities can take are very many, therefore one has to monitor which action results in a higher number of nurses to the workforce. The best action can then be selected through the evaluation and analysis of the data that is collected. However, there are barriers to the use of this technology. One of the barriers is the lack of sufficient information from the facilities on what actions they are taking and the number of nurses they are able to successfully help to bring to the workforce (Powell-Cope, Nelson, Patterson, 2008). Therefore, one of the barrier is the lack of sufficient information to help in monitoring.


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5-The use of technology is very necessary in this time and age. As healthcare continue to grow and improve, so do the use of technology need to change to improve the implementation process and the outcomes of EBP projects. In my project, I am going to be using the Electronic Health Record to collect useful data for my project. Accessing the HER will give me an overview of useful information about patient safety, evaluating care quality, maximizing efficiency, and measuring staffing needs (ANA, 2015) which are some of the issues related to fall. I will also implement the use of Information and Communication Technology to access adequate EBP evidence that pertain to my project. ICT will enable me to obtain lots of relevant information through the internet on my project.


American Nurses Association [ANA](2015.). Health Information Technology, Patient Safety, and Professional Nursing Care Documentation in Acute Care Settings. Retrieved from http://ojin.nursingworld.org/MainMenuCategories/ANAMarketplace/ANAPeriodicals/OJIN/TableofContents/Vol-20-2015/No2-May-2015/Articles-Previous-Topics/Technology-Safety-and-Professional-Care-Documentation.html


6- it sounds like you are doing a qualitative research project and with that you will need the internet to gather material related to your study. The use of technology is essential for EBP as it help us learn new things through different ways. Before online and distant learning was not possible, today students are able to study anywhere anytime. Also we needed to go to the hospital for every little thing so the doctor or nurse can check us out; but today we can do everything in the comfort of our homes. This is amazing and I am looking forwards to see what the future holds for nursing with technology.



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