Ensure that all questions are answered from the To Complete section. 

One nursing practice that can be mentioned is wound care and it’s importance of continually assessing

Wounds including taking pictures of the wound when patients are admitted etc. 

 In Part 3 of the Course Project, you consider how the evidence you gathered during Part 2 can be translated into nursing practice.Now that you have located available research on your PICOT question, you will examine what the research indicates about nursing practices. Connecting research evidence and findings to actual decisions and tasks that nurses complete in their daily practice is essentially what evidence-based practice is all about. This final component of the Course Project asks you to translate the evidence and data from your literature review into authentic practices that can be adopted to improve health care outcomes. In addition, you will also consider possible methods and strategies for disseminating evidence-based practices to your colleagues and to the broader health care field.To prepare:

To complete:In a 3- to 4-page paper:


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