·  You should search the literature and select a topic related to nursing informatics to serve as the topic of your initial post for this discussion.

·  The content of the initial posts will vary depending on the topic selected.

·  As stated: extensive library work is expected. You are expected to engage in heavy use of the available literature surrounding the topic including texts, journals, and online information resources.

·   Discuss the background and significance of the topic.

·  Discuss the selected nursing informatics topic in relation to healthcare and the opportunities and challenges in healthcare and the benefits of the electronic health record on quality and safety in providing patient care.

·  Each student will post an initial discussion post of 450- 500 words.  Support your discussion with at least 1 references in APA style in the initial discussion post

·  APA formatting with reference citations. References should be timely, published within the previous five (5) years.

·  Use heading for initial post.

·  First person may be used.

Please do not use wikipedia or plagiarism

And please upload the results from the plagiarism checker with the discussion

The topic is: Nursing informatics and the role of the electronic health records on quality and safety in providing patient care.

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