Use the outline you developed in Assessment 4 to draft and revise a 4-6-page cause-and-effect essay on a topic of your choice.

The purpose of a cause-and-effect essay is to show how an action or event caused specific effects to happen. In developing a cause-and-effect essay, you will often find that most situations are more complicated than they may seem, with many causes playing a part in a single effect.

In the workplace, you may be asked to write a report that looks at the factors contributing to a decline in sales or to a sudden increase in employee attrition. You will need to be able to look at each situation from multiple perspectives in order to present the most accurate picture.

Developing a draft is your chance to see how well you have organized your thoughts. After you write your draft, take a moment to look critically at what you have written:

These are just some of the questions to consider as you work on this assessment. The assessment you submit should be the final version of your essay.

Demonstration of Proficiency

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the course competency through the following assessment scoring guide criteria:


In Assessment 4, you developed an outline as part of the prewriting process to help you organize and prepare to write your cause-and-effect essay. In this assessment, you will use that outline, along with the feedback you received from your faculty, to draft and revise the complete essay.


Write a 4–6-page cause-and-effect essay on a topic of your choice. Your essay should include the following:

Additional Requirements
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