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Professional organizations are vital to nursing practice. They represent nurses in government at the national and state level. They are a great source of information regarding new research and changes made to current nursing practice. (Helbig, 2018) Evidence-based practice is driving nursing care by substantiating what we do; professional nursing organizations disseminate this information to practioners through nursing journals and periodicals.

Professional nursing organizations are advocates for nurses. They give nurses a voice in the public eye. On Tuesday, April 16, 2019 the Washington State Senate was considering a bill, SHB 1155. This bill supports providing nurses with uninterrupted breaks (rest periods). Republican senator Maureen Walsh during the discussion of this bill stated, “I would submit to you that those (small hospital) nurses probably do get breaks. They probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day.” Walsh was trying to argue that in these rural areas nurses don’t need their uninterrupted break periods. That it is too costly to provide these rest periods in these circumstances. The professional nursing organization, The Washington State Nurses Association, immediately responded. They called Walsh’s remarks “demeaning” and said there was “zero logic” in her statements. (Stracqualursi, 2019) This is a professional nursing organization defending nursing practice both in government and in the media. This statement made by Senator Walsh created a landslide of backlash on social media. It was the swift and rapid response by the Washington State Nursing Association that was heavy hitting and reputable to combat this horrific argument made by Senator Walsh.

Professional nursing organizations are involved in government, research and education. The American Nurses Association’s (ANA) goal is to support nurses and improve health care standards. This goal is realized through membership and collaboration.

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