Choose a Community Agency for the Elderly such as meals on wheels, elderly daycare, assisted living facilities, the Food Bank, any Internet finds, or any that are listed in the additional resources area of the course guidelines section. Do not use Nursing Homes or Psychiatric facilities where you may be doing your clinical. Visit the chosen agency using the check-off criteria for guidelines of what information is to be obtained to write an APA formatted 3-6 page paper or as long as it takes to discuss the facility that you choose to do the paper on excluding in the count of pages the Title and Reference pages. Be sure to include all areas of the check-off criteria in your paper assignment (see the document titled “Check off for Projects NURS 4373” found in the Guidelines for Assignments folder listed under Community Based Project). You need to stay at least four hours in order to evaluate how the service is utilized and to obtain the necessary information for your project assignment.

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